Decorating the Interior of your Caravan or Motorhome

Published: 23rd January 2009
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Is there more thrilling and personal way to travel the countryside than going in style with a caravan or motor-home? You get the excitement of the open road while enjoying all the comforts of home. Some people enjoy a nice hotel room but you have to admit they lack a personal touch and you can't take it with your at your next holiday lodges destination. The only complaint I've heard from people about caravans is the stereotypical 70's d├ęcor image we all have. Thankfully, it is something which can be fixed.

Redesigning the interior of your caravan couldn't be easier. The small amount of space means a minimal, clutter free style is probably the way to go. I prefer simple darks yet stylishly colors, especially in a carpet. Go for contemporary looks and colors that don't need constant cleaning. Some people found vinyl flooring works great at some of the muddier holiday parks UK since it can be wiped clean in seconds.

I think some of the best looking caravans have pattern free walls and are light in shade. White is often little too much so instead use an off-white or neutral but warm tones like egg-white or butterscotch. Mirrors add the feeling of more space to walls and doors. Think about adding a roller-blind because of its simple design and ease of maintenance. Total blackout blinds are a good choice for those of you looking to sleep in on your holiday homes stay.

Another way to get some more enjoyment during your holiday parks vacation is to dress up your caravan with small touches of home like clocks, picture frames, and furnishings such as cushions and bedspreads from a spare bedroom. Choose one bright color as your accent color then use it throughout the rest of items in your caravan. This creates a unique look and also increases the feeling of space. Try not to add too many colors since it give the appearance of clutter. Try to spread the color to other rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom with towels, hand-towels and bathmats all in the same shade.

When it comes to the kind of furniture, I would spend some extra money on items with multiple uses. This saves money in the long run and also gives you more room within the caravan. Recently, I just purchased a couch-bed which also contains storage space in the body so I can keep the bedding in during the daytime. It saves a great deal of room.

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